WeMod app "There was a problem logging in"

Hi Guys

For the last few weeks I have have had a problem loging in to the wemod app. I am cerntain I am using the right credentials but it still fails to log in and gives the error “There was a problem logging in”. I have attempted to fix it by creating a new account, restarting and I even reinstalled my computer but none solved the issue. Prior to about 3 weeks ago I was having no problem and everthing was working as it should. I suspect it may have something to do with a recent update that isnt compadible with my system.

Is any one able to advise?

Nothing has changed on our end with login so either your credentials are wrong or something is stopping WeMod from validating those credentials. Disable your AV and firewall, reset your password, and reinstall WeMod.

Hi Chris this seems to have worked thanks for the help