Wemod brokes my SSD and my Steam

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And how do you know that it was Wemod specifically that broke your PC? Could be a multitude of reasons why your OS may have gone bonkers. Virus, corrupted files, etc.

Yeah, I know. And you are right to ask. Before I have got wemod, everything is works perfect. No errors and problems. After wemod everything is went wrong. Bullgard is my antivirus program, I think this is kind of a best one. I dont have any corrupted files. I don’t have any torrented games or programs… Okay I’m not sure whgat happened execately but only change in my PC is Wemod. So I think, wemod is crash throught my PC.

WeMod doesn’t touch HDD/SSD, so I’m not sure how it could do this. I’ve had WeMod installed and used daily for 8 years without any issues. It just sounds like bad timing, and your SSD died. I’m not sure how new/old your SSD is, but they are only rated for so many IOPs and will still start having more issues over time.

I would contact the manufacturer of the drive and see if it is still under warranty.

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I don’t really know what was the problem. Wemod is works great now! My SSD is younger than one year. Maybe some upgrade issues brokes my system. I will deleted this post. Thanks!