WeMod Chatbox?

Double checking, but Dave’s chatbox is gone right?

If it is, would anyone actually want me to write one up for us to use? It was sort of dead last time I remember so meh.

Its gone, even if you had all the links he had to do a total work over of his product to work agains this web page.

Yes that is my point. I was asking if he remade it for this site, and if not whether I should possibly make one (question is will people use it).

I bet it will die out pretty fast.
Add the people you want to talk to on Steam, there is a fine chat box anyway :wink:

When we first switched to Discourse Frank said he would only consider it if forum activity picked up, but we all know how that is going. So still not a high chance of that happening, unless of course, Dave returns and makes one again.

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