WeMod crashes Call of Duty: Cold War

I understand that WeMod is not going to make any mods for Call of Duty: Cold War, as it is mainly a multiplayer game, and campaign modding does not have enough interest. So, this post has nothing to do with requesting mods for that game.

I am just reporting that having WeMod running simply prevented me from running Call of Duty: Cold War at all. The game simply crashes over and over again in the starting screen.

I confirmed that the crash is caused by WeMod after trying everything, ensuring my drivers are updated, repairing game files, yada yada, and nothing at all worked until I thought of shutting down WeMod. And only after I did that, the game ran fine.

I never thought WeMod would affect the game because it was simply running but not even hooking to any other games or anything like that.

And I am not reporting this because it’s a huge issue for me; obviously I’m happy to shut down WeMod while playing CoD: CW. I just thought I’d report it in case it can affect something else more important.

I’m pretty sure it has something to do with CW’s anti-cheat/detection system. It crashes CW when trying to verify your files.

This is correct, the game’s anti-cheat closes the game if WeMod is open. It does it with CE and a few other trainers as well.

i never play games for multi player and i only play single player, and for gamers who suck like i do, having no cheats for single player basically makes some games unplayable, especially if you are really bad at games and wont play a game if you die or lose to often