WeMod crashes game after first crash


I have a little problem with WeMod + the game sun haven at first ther were no problems cheats worked I used the infinite health, mana + money cheats without problem but after using the cheat that makes the crops grow fast the game started to glich and than a few moments later crashed.
that wouldn´t be a problem I jaust wouldn´t use that specific cheat again but no the real problem is that every time I try to use WeMod for this game it crashes the moment I start using WeMod If I try to start the game with the start button in WeMod its crashes after a few seconds if I start WeMod later while the game is running instant crash I already reinstalled the game but still the same problems after checking on the internet most answers to WeMod crashing the game is to check the firewall so I did WeMod is labeld as not to block
I just don´t know what to do any more can some on please give me some tips what I could try now