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Wemod Debut!


Hey everyone,

I’m brand new to this whole wemod software. So far, it’s really cool! I do have one question though, has anyone had any connectivity issues with their phones? I find it just doesn’t connect sometimes, whereas other times, it’s quite instantaneous. This isn’t a huge, pressing matter, I’m just curious. Also, are the games in the list, for any pc friendly… “format”? ( I don’t know appropriate lingo) {Steam, CD, Blizzard, etc.}

I would really appreciate if someone could shed a bit of light on this for me.


Well welcome to wemod. Glad you found us. ! Most of the trainers are made for steam usually you click the play button if you have the game installed and it finds it. Not much easier then that!
But ya lotta friendly people here. Need anything just ask !


welcome! nothing to add, mr TondoP said almost all, there are games from windows store and origin too