WeMod Discord Server

We now have an official Discord server!

Click the image above or here to join.

An invite will always be available at wemod.com/discord.

Please use your WeMod username so we know who you are.

See you there! :slight_smile:


Yes. Come and join to experience my memes live and in person.

You won’t want to miss this!


Fresh memes are the best part of the chat.

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Can i join?

Alright I joined

Darnit, who let you out of WeMod’s dungeon again?

frank even though i am supposed to be a dev here lol

Meme’s are the best tbh ill come by once in a while since this site isn’t blocked on my school’s wifi

It was a joke ;__; I’m saying you were locked in a dungeon and implying that developing mods is slave labor.

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@STN what did I tell you about revealing our working conditions?

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He told us everything, let him go :imp:

TTT for more exposure. Please join and post memes

prob a lil late but i just joined the discord group if its still active :smile:

Never late to the party, new people are always welcome on the server :wink:

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I’ve joined… :wink:

Gotta love Discord. <3

why cant there be an option to change folders when u use infinity???

It will be in v3.

Also look where you posted, feeling ashamed now?

No because he is a fun swedish person