WeMod Discord Server

Damnit. Spray is the mascot and AtomicBoobies is the funny swedish person.

Well at least no one will want to take away my salty homosexual title that I somehow acquired.



just jumping into the necrothread wagon ,

what happened to the meme channel in the server? it was so random and full of nutricious fruits for our intellect.

discord. but where is the steam-group


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It was fun for awile but when but people started putting racist stuff on there like when you went on every body started making fun of pigs. NOT FUNNY !

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That room then went from the culling to the culling 2 , passing throw a 4chan /pol/ phase

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I joined

F, i got banned but i cant remember why, it was a year or two ago - some of y’all might remember this username - SomeLonelyBoy101?

Must of been something not good if you got banned from discord.

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Me too :smiley:

Late but I did join Discord and the WeMod Channel.

Thanks for the Invite

Thanks for joining. And thanks for being a pro member too :+1:

so true

hey there glad to be here

Hmm. For some reason or other, I cannot join the Discord server…was mostly tempted by the latest giveaway, but ah well. Hope it’s not too full.

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I can’t join the server, it says “unable to accept invite”

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I DM’d you @tugstaks

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Looking forward to an invite to the Discord server. As of now, I cant find it