Wemod failed to install

When I try to install Wemod, it fails to install. I’ve tried multiple times but it still keeps failing.

What is your antivirus usually sometimes blocks wemod download or maybe you have comcast ?
Disable antivirus. Then try this one


Not sure, I think the one that comes with all windows computers.

I think I disabled antivirus and used the link for download, but now it’s stuck loading

I tried running it with administrator which seemed to be the solution for someone else
but it won’t work for me.

don’t know but was working like 2h ago and now it’s back to no working.

I’ve looked at support request things and most of them say disable antivirus and then download a specific link. However, I’ve tried that multiple times and with that link I don’t think It stops loading.

Since you’re ISP is comcast you will need to disable the advance security feature. https://internet.xfinity.com/more/my-services