WeMod for SteamOS

I know they have a page saying WeMod isn’t on Linux, and I don’t understand the technical reasons why but with the Steam Deck coming out i was wondering if there would be a harder attempt to get it working? I know i can just use the Linux cheat engine but i love the ui of WeMod and i love being a subscriber to support the community and i don’t want to lose that. I know i can install Windows but SteamOS will be the best way to use it just for the OS level suspend/resume.

We have plans to look into support Steam Deck once it is released; however, we still do not have plans to support Linux.


Ok, thank you very much for both your response and efforts. I imagine focusing on just one distro would be easier than all.

We don’t need a native Linux client or anything, the Windows one will be fine, but the things the devs could look into would be improving how WeMod interacts with Proton, and maybe an installer that can be used to automatically install WeMod and its dependencies to a game prefix. Because the way Proton works, third party applications can’t apply globally to all games. You have to install it individually to each game you want to use it with. I’ve figured out how to get it installed and working more or less, but its gonna be painful doing it over and over again for my whole library. I know you guys don’t plan to officially support Linux, but anything to improve our quality of life with WeMod on Deck would be appreciated.

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