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WeMod Forum Dark Theme v3 (UPDATED)


On Friday I’m probably going to just go through random things to see anything else that needs changing so I’ll add this to the list and update over the weekend.


Thank you, really easy now :slight_smile:


Sweet, i just spam messages at you when i think something need to change :wink:
You have done a good job with this little porject!



I guess you can see it, the preview window dont show the text cause it dark like the background.
Just another random thing that i guess you got an easy fix for.


Love the theme but you should check the title sizes when im looking at a title that’s maybe this long. The title over lays and i can’t click anything maybe shrink text that are 40+ Characters other than that looks good :slightly_smiling:


@Hova, after a new update the badge page look like this:

And when you click on a badge it look like this:

Could you fix it with right colors that are plesant for the eyes :slight_smile:


I’ll be able to fix some problems when I get back tonight or tomorrow.


Thanks Hova! You da bomb.


@Hova Looks good! I’m not going to download this until it’s fully finished, though.


It’s never technically going to be finished but I do like it


Ok so I made a bunch of changes, If I’m missing anything just reply to this post with the problem and I’ll fix asap.

List of changes in 2.1:

- Badges are fixed.
- Title now cuts off and doesn’t overlap the menu text.
- About Games hidden text.

and a bunch of minor stuff that doesn’t matter too much.

Head over to and click check for update.


@Hova Found something more, if you go into the “Summery” page.
Stats have a white background.



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@Hova Just a little somthing that would look a little better with another color
U fix? :smiley:


Seems there been an update. So when when a new post is made this happands.
I find blue on orange very irritating for the eyes. I guess white would be a better fit?

And this one, first time i saw it but it seems WeMod wonder about my post on this topic.

Could you look into this @Hova when you get time?


Fixed now. Will need confirmation though cause I didn’t get that message specifically.


I will check for it, but it dont show up now when im posting this message.
Maybe it will show if i try to write another reply on htis topic at once i post this.

I`ll keep you updated

Edit: Cant see the message now. Post when i see it :wink:



Saw this today, the banner that are some what transparent on the page got the same color as the banner.
Could you change the banner dark, but some what transparent as it is now? Think that would work out

Same happands if you click on profiles, guess you got a fix :wink:


Both are fixed now.