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WeMod Forum Dark Theme v3 (UPDATED)


Fixed both. Also I don’t know how many people care but would a different color header be better?

  • Keep Black
  • Blue
  • Other Color (reply to my post)

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Sweet, however about the banner on top.

Im kinda 50/50 about Blue or another color(Thats why i voted other color), its good with black.
But it feel`s like a overkill to only have black. I know blue is the theme of Infinity tho, could be logical to keep it.
Other than that, there could be cool colors out there that fit better. But im not sure what color that would be.


@Hova Dont know if you want that purple color for yourself :stuck_out_tongue:
But what i thought was a bug or something from the site that made my color go Greenish.

Then i went off to frank and aks him to change it back before i saw on my phone it was purple and figured its either you changing it by purpose or a bug.

Therefor i just post this here, if its a bug i guess you know how to fix it.

Gif scroll down for some reason when disable and enable the style but you got the point.


It’s saying you’re listed under “Pro” not “Tester” so it shows green.


Ah, im both :3 Guess Frank messed it up for you with his new system.
Its not a big deal tho


Nice. Thank you!




heyyy thanks, i like the one is by default but still this one is great, remind me of steam xD




diggin this




I agree




lovin this so much!








das good




new WeMod site update may have broken some things,