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WeMod Ghost Recon Wildlands


Ever since WeMod 6 came out today I can no longer run Ghost Recon: Wildlands. It says that it’s having trouble loading cheats into the game. Is there any way to roll back on an update for a older version of WeMod?


I’m having the same issue as well since the new update and plus it put a bunch of games I have installed into the new not installed category and to top it off even if you manually fix it yourself it doesn’t try to run the EXE of the game you hit play on.


You cannot return to an old version. I would try the manual EAC bypass, if that doesn’t work then you will need to wait for the developers to look into it.


How do you go about using the manual EAC bypass?


Scroll up top and read my post :wink: Thanks. No, we can’t do it for you.