WeMod Hall of Fame!

WeMod 2017 Hall of Fame. For the modders of 2017 to celebrate their membership on WeMod! This list includes Regulars, Moderators, Developers, Admins, the Community Manager, Beta Testers, the Trainer Maker, requested accounts, and Old Timers! Thanks you guys!

https://community.wemod.com/u/nick_666 @ Nick_666

https://community.wemod.com/u/Spray1 @ Spray1 Most Helpful :grinning:
https://community.wemod.com/u/sNaKe @ sNaKe

https://community.wemod.com/u/Travis @Travis
https://community.wemod.com/u/InstinctMods @InstinctMods

https://community.wemod.com/u/STiNGERR @STiNGERR
https://community.wemod.com/u/unknown_v2 @unknown_v2

https://community.wemod.com/u/frank @frank
https://community.wemod.com/u/Zach @Zach

Community Manager:
https://community.wemod.com/u/Chris @Chris

Beta Testers:
https://community.wemod.com/u/MrPrecise @ MrPrecise
https://community.wemod.com/u/Kalfax @ Kalfax
https://community.wemod.com/u/StevenWongo @ StevenWongo
https://community.wemod.com/u/FeeZ @ FeeZ
https://community.wemod.com/u/Smiffy @ Smiffy
https://community.wemod.com/u/Alucain @ Alucain
https://community.wemod.com/u/glitzer @ glitzer
https://community.wemod.com/u/LoneStrider21 @ LoneStrider21
https://community.wemod.com/u/ColdSun @ ColdSun
https://community.wemod.com/u/DavidSwifty @ DavidSwifty
https://community.wemod.com/u/DeadMoehre @ DeadMoehre
https://community.wemod.com/u/Dustin @ Dustin

Trainer Maker:
https://community.wemod.com/u/STN @STN

Old Timers:
https://community.wemod.com/u/CHEEVOTRON @ CHEEVOTRON
https://community.wemod.com/u/Provoked @ Provoked
https://community.wemod.com/u/killah4eva @ killah4eva
https://community.wemod.com/u/Zodiac @ Zodiac
https://community.wemod.com/u/Sunkist @ Sunkist
https://community.wemod.com/u/Azurex @ Azurex
https://community.wemod.com/u/OneLeggedLady @ OneLeggedLady
https://community.wemod.com/u/ASmallForest @ ASmallForest
https://community.wemod.com/u/Infinity_Ward @ Infinity_Ward
https://community.wemod.com/u/Stelter @ Stelter
https://community.wemod.com/u/Hybrinity @ Hybrinity
https://community.wemod.com/u/nightmare7 @ nightmare7
https://community.wemod.com/u/Uzi @ Uzi

Thank you so much! Please comment below a mistake has been made I will be as quick as I can to fix it!

This list is accurate to the date 4/9/17

Best Regular:

yes? i am there :smiley:


This list is inaccurate. Console news were scrapped ~1 year ago(before wemod). Users are misplaced and the majority of the users on the list are inactive. And I can’t find find @SteveWonda on the list either.

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But @SteveWonda only post rap songs in Zodiac´s thread :grin:


Thanks! Corrections will be made!

I’m only good a lurking and modding lol or memes

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more like “Most Helpful” tho

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Holy crap reading through this list of people is like a walk down memory lane.
So many people’s names I remember but haven’t been seen in over 3 years.

Also I doubt I deserve to be on a “Hall of Anything”

Spray deserve most helpful because he give us all bacon

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Steve hasn’t been very active lately but his posts in the support section are high quality. Things change, users fade away into inactivity and new users join. All you can hope for is that the community grows faster than it shrinks.


@sNaKe I’m pretty sure the Horizon Pro group was removed fairly recently. I know about 6 months back and on HMB I was on the list. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. Thanks for the mention and looking for me though, really.

@Sproy As of late that’s about all I’m good for lol, but they’re good rap songs, give them a listen. Don’t forget about the first comic strip and some dank memes I featured you in. I wish I could still help out with Horizon issues more often but most of these new issues with Windows 10 I haven’t experienced and have no clue how to resolve them. Give me some bacon now.

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@SteveWonda You are OG homie ^^

@MrPrecise You can have my bacon anytime you want ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Due to the common switching between inactive/activeness on the Diamond/Pro accounts they have been removed from the list. Sorry, you diamond and pro members are still a huge part of this community, its just to much of a hassle to keep up with the activeness of your accounts! But I have decided that the people on the list currently deserve to stay because of their status and dedication to the community, yes I’m talking about you @Sproy… But in all seriousness thank you guys for keeping this community alive and hoping for its growth @sNaKe… Thanks once again man it just seems I cant get thank you out enough times


What the hell am I, chopped liver? I was on there, now I’m not! LoL


LOL. I think this user @Nick_666 also deserves a place outta here.

Yes, I know he is NOT active, but his contributions to this community, and his knowledge can’t be denied.

@Sproy, you once said it before as I can recall as well. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

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I agree, just yesterday i used one of his solutions

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stole one of his solutions*

*Stole one of his stolen solutions.

Haha you are so salty xD