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Wemod Installation Failed ERROR

my thing is not realeated to this but when i follow the tutorial for bitdefender whitlisting it doesent work because i dont have the right files and is restarting the same as rebooting

Honestly, you’re better off getting rid of BitDefender and replacing it for something else. It’s just such a fussy problem-creator. Eats your CPU faster than a pack of fat wolves at a free McDonald’s buffet. Interferes with system restore, which is a critically important feature on every PC. And so on.
AVAST is decent, but don’t accept their browser add-ons because those are data miners.

Anyway, it sounds like your files have already been deleted by BitDefender. So:

  1. Uninstall WeMod via the “Add or Remove Programs” tool in your PC’s settings.
  2. Turn your anti-virus off completely. Just temporarily.
  3. Download and install WeMod from the link given by @ptondo above.
  4. Whitelist the relevant files in BitDefender (if you decided not to remove it from your computer).

where do i find the add or remove programs tool?

  1. Start menu
  2. Settings / gear icon
  3. Type “Add” in the search box
  4. Click the first suggested result “Add or remove programs”


i dont have wemod there ._.

Then it’s likely not installed on your computer. So continue to step 2.

should i look at the how to whitelist wemod tutorial?

Yes, if you’re still using BitDefender you’ll need to double check that WeMod is whitelisted there after installing it. :slight_smile:

This thread will help: How to white-list WeMod in BitDefender!

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Thx works now :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


Good to hear that! :slight_smile:

Glad Ravenfyre was able to help you solve this issue! :slightly_smiling_face:

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