Wemod keeps disconnecting from my game

i’ve been using wemod on and off for quite awhile now, today i started playing RE6 and wemod keeps disconnecting from my game. when i goto check wemod there is usually some sort of popup, either something about paid features or how do i like wemod.

so is this gonnna be the new thing? if your not paying for wemod your gonna keep getting disconnected til you do? cause if so then i have no income, therefore can not pay and if this is now a pay only app with a little bit of playtime in between disconnects to make it look free then i’d just rather uninstall it. please tell me now if this is a bug or the new way things are.

cause its really messing up my gameplay when i need to quickly grab a cheat only to find out at the most inconvenient time that cheats are turned off again.

i understand if you need to make money, no complaints about that. thanks for being around for free all this time, it was really helpful for me, and i know you gotta do whats best for you. but now i just need some honesty. so i can decide to continue on with wemod or to move on and find something that works best for me. thanks.

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I’m not having this problem and there has been no announcement about such a change even being considered so I’d say it’s a bug. Which version of WeMod are you running and have you installed the most recent update?

The most common causes of trainers turning themselves off are user-sided, but not always (but mostly).

  1. Your Antivirus might be blocking WeMod. You may need to add it as an exception.

  2. The trainer is not the correct one for the game. For example, you may be using a trainer designed for a Steam game on a Windows game.

  3. The game might be cracked/pirated. Cracked games have been heavily modified by the crackers to the extent that they are barely recognisable to trainers as the game they’re supposed to be injecting cheats into. There is nothing that can be done here except suggest buying the legitimate version of the game.

  4. The game or trainer might be out of date.

  5. Your WeMod software is out of date.

  6. Sometimes you need to run the game first, wait until you are on the main menu (or paused in-game), Alt+tab to WeMod, press Play, Alt+Tab back to the game.

There was a bug in a previous version of WeMod where trainers turned themselves off for no reason, but since the recent WeMod updates I haven’t experienced this. Make sure WeMod is upt to date as well.

Your comments about whether this disconnecting issue is a feature for non-pro users are very silly. Right up there with the alien-illuminati conspiracy theorists, lol.

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actually i realized their was an update for wemod after making this post and seems to be working ok now.

before updating i’d be on the verge of getting killed and try to refill health and wemod was showing the play button again instead of staying connected.

as far as what i asked about features, its not that far fetched these days. some softwares pull some crazy crap once they adopt a paid model. so never know, just wanted to ask to be sure.

anyways, think im all good now, thanks for the replys guys

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