WEMOD Latest setup virus infected, Norton Security Suite IDed

While attempting to download latest Horizon Setup file from the WEMOD / Horizon download link button the file downloaded was Horizon-Setup_1632319625.exe from www.appguardlaboratory.com

This threat allows the software to compomise the Win Administrator account!

Reports Horizon


Updated: November 02, 2016

Infection Length: Varies

Name: InstallCore

Publisher: IronSource

Risk Impact: Low

Systems Affected: Windows

This happened several times trying to download the new version from WEMOD / Horizon “Download Now” link.

Also, the WEMOD / Horizon Support site/forums are basically months out of date, only a few new requests for help and no resolutions to recent problem requests and no newer games added to Diamond status or trainers and no support forums for users to trade game saves or links to non-Horizon xbox 360 or xbox One trainers, etc.

To me WEMOD seems to have forced Modio out which was prime source for xbox 360 users and also xbox one users to download the latest game saves fast searches to hundreds of the most popular games. Plus had tools to update user info hash-rehash-save to PC drives or xbox USB drives. and remaining competition with sites like 360Revolution, Eclipse (Horizon Killed This Too), XPGamesaves.com which do not provide the level of content and simple user interface Modio 5 had. This Modio could provide WITHOUT jailbraking (JTAG/RGH) hardware MODDING your xbox!!

Now Horizon is continuing to demand Diamond subscriptions from users without providing the level of content and support offered by Modio for the xbox 360 / xbox One while they continue to expand support for Infinity which only supports the Windows PC platform

Most of the content that Infinity offers mods for I own for the xbox 360 and xbox One which represents games from yrs approx. 2009-2016. Many of the newest games are for xbox One or Windows PC version 10 Directx11 hardware required. My PC supports Directx11 hardware but at the lowest end or minimum which is useless for the Shooters and Mass Effect Andromeda, and Shadow of Mordor 2 (not yet released) and most games I play

Summary - Build up more support for Horizon for users that are still using millions of xbox 360’s and xbox One’s and have games released at least since 2010 to the present!!

Anyone else have thoughts, ideas, suggestions, other sites ---- bring back Modio version 6.0 !!

People just aren’t interested in xbox 360 modding anymore. The only time it is even brought up is by people who have no idea what is actually possible, e.g “howz cans I hax cod with usb”. Xbox one modding isn’t a thing either.

And as for the support, most people spend zero time explaining their issue and doesn’t answer to questions. Some are mentally challanged. If you spend time explaining your issue and cooperate, me or @SteveWonda will help you out to the best of our abillity.

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Ya sites go down cuz 360 is dead no support anymore !
And " xbox one trainers ? No , not even a thing !
" wemod months of out of date " ? No not a thing either !

I’m not sure how we are months out of date. The majority of issues are solved and the ones that aren’t are generally something that we can’t fix as it isn’t an issue on our end. We are willing to add games as long as they are popular enough but Xbox 360 is EOL and we are now heading into 2 gens past Xbox 360. Devs aren’t releasing that many games for Xbox 360 at this point.

There is a section to post game saves and other related xbox stuff here: https://community.wemod.com/c/xbox

We did not force out modio. They closed because Xbox360 was no longer popular enough to support them and the owner took a job working at Twitter or another large company. Modio never had Xbox One modding or if they did it was minimal and was patched out.

There are no known Xbox One exploits and until that day comes you won’t see a tool from WeMod. We would love to have an Xbox One tool it just isn’t possible at this moment.

Last I will address the download. Norton is a terrible AV and flags the majority of programs that have 3rd party installers. Users that are not Diamond get a bundled installer. This is nothing new. Everything in the installer can be declined.


WEMOD Horizon I noticed for the xbox 360 and xbox One support is waning though Diamond membership is highly encouraged.

Horizon doesn’t support Xbox One. It’s possible one could mod a gamesave on Xbox 360 and transfer it to the One, but that’s about it.

Diamond memberships are what keep Horizon alive and support the developers. It’s not required, but the premium membership has been around since the app’s inception.

There aren’t many new tools to make for Horizon as there aren’t many games coming out for 360 anymore.

There may have been some underlying reasons besides xbox 360 / One demand for mods/trainers/exploits/etc falling off. But to assume that there is ONLY a demand for Windows PC game mods/exploits/trainers when there are not enough users that have rigs that can support the latest PC games is interesting. As someone who has worked in the electronics world since 1980 and much of the time was in manufacturing and development of cutting edge technologies, I know what it’s like when either your equipment is job provided or you have enough liquid income to afford $10K-$15K for a state of the art Windows PC running OS 7.0 / 10 / and maybe Linux all under VMs on a rack mounted cluster.

You get the idea, companies will always develop on the best tech and then test down to some common denominator they believe is the “average guy” setup since they can’t stay in business selling only to folks who have rigs on Par with say an “NHRA Nitro burning 3.5 second qtr mile monster machine” for a game computer.

So actually I think that xbox 360 slim 4GB with 1TB drive is still the average guy platform for allot of games produced between 2010 and say 2016. Microsoft used to give better incentives to upgrade to higher platform (xbox 360 to xbox One) but a starter xbox One still costs around $300 and the xbox one S is more like $450 for a decent setup. The most Gamestop will give as trade for a xbox 360 is $50 I believe.

To comment on your remarks that even the xbox One has no demand for your service basically limits it to Windows PC only and with exception of maybe 10-12 titles, that have mods (trainers, exploits?) ,that I already own for xbox platforms, the limited number of others are for very current titles that require high end PC hardware to run at the proper frame rates, so the user can enjoy the games fullest potential.

I am sure WEMOD is focusing all efforts to stay ahead and on top of the game release wave for future business. Leaving Horizon in its wake along with Modio, Eclipse, Gibbed, and maybe other developers who think there is no more demand for their work.

Truly I miss the days when my friends who were game parameter / exploit hackers would produce game “enhancers” where the player had GOD Mode, ALL WEAPONS & AMMO, Vehicles etc the day after first release. And my close friend Rick Allen would release his work before the game was released because Activision, EA, Origin, Sierra, and many others would send our company Alphas through BETA and release to test with our multimedia products. AND it was all open source (FREE) and uploaded via FTP, PTP BBS and later onto webservers.

These exploiters had catchy names and formed groups that competed with each other to claim top exploiters! All in fun! Anyway I have written much and just had high hopes for Horizon, I used Horizon (Diamond) and Modio 5 and it filled the need I had for game play enhancement which cut my time in half completing games and actually COMPLETING games and not shelving them.

I am still Diamond but I would like to see more development for some of these games I have and it sounds like that’s not in the 5 year plan!

In reply to the Horizon Setup issue, not sure exactly how that is handled there?? Are there mirror sites that the Horizon Setup can be downloaded from? Thing is I had clicked on the green download button and it directed me to the site I mentioned, file name was Horizon-Setup_1632319625.exe linked to www.appguardlaboratory.com. This was in the early morning hours for me, 4:00am Central Time,

I have since clicked on the button again, 9:00am CST and now the file is Horizon-Setup.exe linked to www.wemod.s3.amazonaws.com and when that file downloaded it scanned fine and the file size was considerably larger than the virus infected file. So not sure but could have hackers trying to spoof your site???

There are multiple downloads.

Did I say there was no demand? We know there is a demand but there is no exploit that are public which means we can’t do anything with Xbox One.

Also you can get Xbox One for like $200 now.

I seriusly doubt the 4gb version is popular. IIRC the 4gb version came out around the same time as the first xbox one at a similar price. It is barely even sold in Sweden (listed on some shady online stores marked as sold out and on a kind-of reputable one priced at 434$ and sold out but with a restock within 2 weeks).

CoD Ghosts does have some "enhancements. CoD Advanced Warfare too, other versions haven’t been added to the Horizon “Suite” As well as MANY games I own for the 360 that when I open Horizon with my USB drive I have a long list of games and only about 5% are moddable. Also, a few that Horizon has editors for, there is no included documentation on DVAR settings and other settings that could improve game play but where is the info?? Trial and error is not a good solution for modding these game saves.

Also, No forum threads containing information on how to extract files from the “Dead Saves” (those that Horizon has no editor) and modify them and insert them back into the save. I have “Carefully” tried the Profile Editors for Alan Wake, Brink, Cod Ghosts & Cod AW, Forza 4, Forza Horizon 1 & 2, Gear of War 3 & Judgment, Halo 4, Injustice: GoU, Leaf 4 Dead 2, Modern Warfare 3. I don’t want my Live account BANNED and so most of these “enhancements” either don’t work, don’t stick (when you first run the game you have mods, then after next checkpoint save they are gone) So I have given up on the profile mods for my games, that limits me to just the “Green” game save that like I said, many need DVAR value changes or elements added to the files and there is no instructions or advice on how to proceed. (only trial and error)

HOWEVER, Modio 5 allowed users to search a database of game saves for xbox 360 & xbox One that either the users had already “enhanced” the files (and were tested and working with instructions on tweeking the saves and even warning as to if you could get banned by popping too many achievements, etc. Or they had actually completed the games start to finish and sometimes on all difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard, Crazy, Ludacris, etc.) With Modio & Horizon I could configure the save files so I could load them from my legal copy of the various games.

I did searches for all my xbox 360 games and 95% of the games I own I was able to find “Enhanced” save files for. Problem is it takes time to copy or move save files to USB (why some save files have to be moved rather than copied I don’t understand??) File rights on the xbox platform I haven’t dug into, I don’t want to jail brake (JTAG/RGH) swap DVD-ROM drive with one I have to update firmware, and all that just to explore the xbox platform, re-flash, customize the dashboard (though I hate the default UI for the xbox) and all that.

Make backups on PC from USB drive, search for saves using the Modio search function, download onto PC, use Horizon to find the game ID number, make changes to rehash-save then copy to the correct folder locations on the USB drive then copy and or move to the xbox.

Just as I had a good system going and had started collecting the saves I liked for the games I have the Modio site shutdown. It has to be more than the cost of the hosting server, because if they would have left it like it was and warned users it was possibly going down, users would have paid even $1 a month and it could have kept the site up and the guy could still go work fulltime somewhere. I ran 5 websites of my own and others, worked fulltime managing voice-data-control systems enterprise for a government waste water plant (5 cities plus remote pumping control sites), ran an ebay electronics business and still spent time with family and friends.

So I have a gut feeling that Modio or http://www.game-tuts.com/community/modio.php was forced to shutdown OR ELSE??? Repercussions??? I am not sure, just a guess. The cost of the domain, the server hosting even if they were requiring over a Terabyte of server space for the user database and all the game save content, and bandwidth for at least 50-100 (50-100 mgbits) open connections etc. You think??

The amount of users utilizing that site could have paid $1 each per month and it would have covered those costs. The user community would have kept it going, why not pass it on to a Game Tuts system admin to keep it going and a few other admins to answer users questions and make updates and changes? Why just drop the domain off the Internet, actually, the ping reaches the cloud but no host server for www.game-tuts.com

If the guy will pass the domain content database, I can work with Frontpage or Dreamweaver, Apache or what ever it was built with. I wouldn’t want to tackle porting what they had to another website app though I am most able with Frontpage. If not me someone else, why just kill it???

Yes, Frank came over to their office and threatened to break their legs if they didn’t shut down their site. Now Frank has a monopoly and is using it to mess with you personally.

You are one clever chap, I will give you that. Now that you know the secret, you will have to “find nemo” (if you know what I mean).

Ok well I can’t speak for how these consoles are selling outside the USA (when they first started selling them there was serious restrictions on where they could be sold, like China!) Of course China didn’t have trouble getting them, they eventually were and are all made in China now!!??

Purchasing a new xbox 360 would be hard to find I’m sure, Microsoft and all their Distributors and retailers in the supply chain will be dumping them. BUT, millions have been sold all over the world and people are still using those units and have invested $$$ in Microsoft Market prices for Digital copies, Disc copies through retailers. Microsoft is working on emulating the xbox 360 on the xbox One, fine.

Why don’t they just develop an emulator so I can run all my Digital copies on my Windows 7.0 Ultimate 64bit Quad Core AMD Phenom 9850 2.5 Ghz 8 GB DDR2 RAM 1066 Mhz Dual AMD HD 7480 in crossfire mode hardware Directx11 … or my Dell Windows 10 Home 64bit Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop has core i3 and 8 GB RAM and intel graphics hardware support for Directx11??? Why not???

Talk is that Microsoft is going to sell games that can be played on xbox One or Windows 10 PC single copy, not two different copies. I always felt there should have been no reason a single copy couldn’t be used on PC or xbox. PCs have DVD ROMs and most today have Blu-ray DVD ROMs so the same disc could install on PC or xbox One. Just greed…

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. Just keep swimming! :slight_smile:

Ok well other Monopolists have chosen to rebrand and merge the fallen competitor enterprise into their own ever growing endeavor… Microsoft comes to mind…

So why not, Frank, … merge the sweet, sizzley good pieces of http://www.game-tuts.com/community/modio.php into WEMOD,com

Users want to share game saves, have bragging rights for finishing these games on all levels, and share info on how to tweek and MOD the game saves, add user created content even providing good practices when MODDING, hopefully keeping users from getting banned.

I always said that Modio needed to be a function of Horizon. Only because I preferred the interface of Horizon over the Modio UI. But they were working on breaking away from the static UI and going to a more dynamic web based UI for MODDING, building trainers, sharing games saves and forums for users to share ideas, discuss problems etc.

Modio and game-tuts are not affiliated with this site. People are free to share their saves on this site but no one wants to. Making a system for sharing saves on this site would be a complete waste of time and resources if no one uploads worthwhile saves.

So you’re saying there’s a chance…? :smirk:

Well I have heard inklings that Microsoft may be moving toward sales model where the same title can be used on the xbox One and Windows 10 PC even from a retail box. Might end up being Direct Download copies only but that would end this one copy for the PC, one for the Console and they should also include a tablet and cell version too.

As I stated earlier in this thread, in the past when I had worked in the Engineering & Manufacturing industry, the tendency is to develop product using the state of the art technology (hopefully fully proven, but what technology IS fully proven today???) then test down to a common denominator platform that would be considered the “average” setup, system, platform, etc.

And if the game saves are cloud synced, no matter which platform you are playing from your game is synced. The choice to update the cloud with the latest checkpoint (Though I hate auto checkpoints, rather save at a point in the action I want) or create a new save slot means that you can keep the action going PC, console, tablet, cell phone, SUV media device (kids can play on the way to school or on family trips??, whatever…

That could possibly guarantee WEMOD as the premier (maybe the only certified game management, user mods, trainer standard for the game industry, for starters) Once the infrastructure is in place it could sprout branch opportunities for other app builder, modders, trainers, cloud synced, multi-device platforms, who knows??!

As much as I don’t want to go way off topic, there is soooo much that you said that is just plain incorrect.
Based off of ridiculous misunderstanding of modern technology…

Ten THOUSAND dollars? On a PC? Just to play games? If you are spending that on a PC it better be a server for a company or you better have some insane disposable income for your video editing rig that handles 8K video all day.
Your comments really make it seem like you have literally no experience in modern tech to be quite honest (no offense).

This is already a thing and has been for awhile.

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Travis, my Dad’s name was Travis, he was a great man. When you slice out a piece of my comments and then Post it, then comment on the out of context bit you grabbed, of course there are going to be questions about points I am trying to make. It’s a keen trick a couple of your key folks have used on my posted comments.

When a company is developing either hardware platforms or software platforms for the purpose of creating a product to sell, most times the R&D budget is in the $100s to $!00s thousands. The current fully proven (if they are fully proven) platforms are assembled to begin developing gaming systems or the games themselves.

When a product is in development it built and prototyped on the best tech and then the process of finding a lowest common denominator platform is assembled and tested. Specs are formed and based on Industry standards of minimum specs to recommended specs the games have to meet those specs at release time.

Users at home, the average guys, are lucky to budget $300 ( consoles) to maybe $1000-$1200 for a Windows PC that today can meet at least the minimum but all hope is for all settings set to MAX FPS and full bloom and on and on. Directx11 and now Directx12 hardware compatibility is required to play the most current Windows PC games. The moderately informed user is going to have a tough time assembling a rig for less the $5000 that will meet or exceed the full power and expectations of the games they are buying today.

So I hope I am clarifying what I was saying about dollars spent and by whom for what purposes.

And as far as the snippet you pulled about xbox one consoles and the game titles that install and run on them, there is an option to use the console as a shared device to store the games and them launch from by properly configured Windows 10 PCs. The games cannot be installed on the PC and ran independently of the xbox one console.

My discussion pointed towards a different model, marketing scheme where the game titles are developed on super computers today that have multi-core (16-32 cores) processors and terabytes of RAM and disc arrays housing 100s of terabytes of redundant media. For the most part anyway, depends on the developers and the type of games.

If the games are those I like to play it creates a completely high intensity VR mini world of sight, sound and feedback. That use VR glasses and force feedback chairs with built-in 7.1 surround sound and realistic driving and flying simulation controllers. Or, even mmorpg online games (MMOs) that simulate full universes and can span the globe and have thousands or more live users interacting at once, these types of “games” need allot of horsepower to create.

All that to say this, again, that after BETAs are released the games should be able to install and run on those PCs that a good portion of the gamer user base already has. Secondly, many of those users also have possibly a console (like an xbox 360, or at least an xbox one) and they may also have some type of tablet device, and nearly all have smartphones today.

So I have heard, maybe its just a hopeful rumor that Microsoft was moving towards producing titles, content, that will install on all your devices. Consoles, Windows PCs, tablets, cell phones and even the family car if its internet connected (cell and Wifi connections)

That’s not a thing…yet…

Well those users that DID upload and SHARE game saves, game trainers, and editors for game saves for the xbox 360 and even the xbox one WOULD want to! But from what I have found within the WEMOD.com site it seems to be missing those functions that Modio used to provide.

Where is the link to the search engine that parses all those game saves that where available from the Modio / game-tuts.com site? I went to the WEMOD search bar and typed: #horizon xbox 360 game save mods trainers editors and only one link from 2015 came up discussing need help with Skyrim and such.

I’m saying when I went to the Modio 5 search (And I had multiple tabs open and could do some pretty intense searches for files and they were found and downloading within seconds and then on to the next game!! In one tab I typed say “Batman Arkham Asylum” or another open tab “Batman Arkham City” or next tab “Burnout Paradise / Revenge” or tab “Dark Siders” or Dark Souls" or just “Dark” or “Deadpool” or "Dishonest, Divinity I & II, Mass Effect 1-3 and on and on and what would fill the web page is page after page of various game saves ranked by user ratings!! With some the game is modded so the user can start from the beginning with full gear and meet the task ahead fully equipped and trained (Skills and Exp). Or game save where the up loader has played through the whole 170 hrs of the game, and maybe on each level, you choose where you want to start to play.

I’m talking about something you may have never had a chance to try. Have any of the WEMOD folks actually really used the Modio 5 Game-tuts.com site? WEMOD is nothing like it, there is nothing comparable within the sitemap that is like Modio was.

Where do users actually rank how happy or dissatisfied they are with the results of using WEMOD??? Horizon doesn’t allow users to rank there satisfaction with the use of the app. What about Infinity??? It’s just here is what we offer, take what we got and go… happy or not there is no obvious ranking piece (1-5 stars 5 being awesome!) Modio had that and more. So you could start with the files with the high rankings and test those first.

On the Infinity main page there is a “What users are saying…” 3-4 folks with a positive experience to report. But rankings are real time stats showing what makes people happy or not. WEMOD hands out tokens to users for continuing to come back and make use of there site. I’m still not sure what the value of the tokens are and how to use them, a free month??

You feeling me here!!!

What I said before is that I would use BOTH Modio and Horizon to piece together my game saves prior to playing my games. I found that many games I had placed on the shelf after hours of grinding and frustration, that I could pull them back out and actually play, have fun and finish the games.

Whoever proclaimed that games should be near impossible to play let alone finish, first of all a lousy story teller, worse puzzle maker, who today adds grindage and P2P options to frustrated users, who think buying more DLCs will solve these problems.

That is where Modio came in to help alleviate some of the frustration and add more fun into playing the games users spend bookoh deeneros for. When you can find a working stable mod, edit, or trainer for a game you really want to play and it allows you to customize the game to your liking, that’s awesome!

WEMOD does not fill the shoes / need Modio did, but could add that functionality into the current sitemap really easy. It’s basically a glorified FTP server where users upload and download game save files. WOW! Tough one! And as I said, Horizon has the user interface that is clean and sharp and it just needs a couple more tabs added next to the flash drive tab to allow users search for already modded saves, editors or trainers or just helpful info for modding game save files. With notes on what was done and how to customize further and a tab to allow users to upload their saves for sharing.