WEMOD- maybe a version for Xbox someday

I wish that there was a way that we could use WeMod on devices like an Xbox, since my laptop stopped working all I have is my Xbox and it’s very difficult to beat games

Welcome to the community.

WeMod was actually a tool for Xbox 360 before it was a tool for PC.
You can get the Xbox 360 cheating tool here: WeMod - Horizon.

However, if you were referring to Xbox One or Xbox Series X, I’m afraid a cheating tool is not possible. Microsoft have made it impossible for cheating tools to be used on these consoles. They are offering a reward of thousands of dollars to anyone who can successfully modify Xbox One or Series X to allow games to be modified (aka cheated), and nobody has claimed the reward.

  • You can cheat on Xbox 360 using WeMod’s horizon tool, linked above.
  • You can cheat on PlayStation 3 for (mostly) free or PlayStation 4 for a price, but those services are not provided by WeMod. And I can’t mention their names since I’d be breaking the advertising rules (not a great look for a moderator :laughing: ).
  • You cannot cheat using tools on Xbox One, Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, unfortunately. Anyone who claims to have cheating tools for these consoles is trying to scam you out of your money or account.