Wemod +modded game

I have a little problem with wemod and a modded game (Diablo 2 resurrected)
if i run the wemod game with the unmodified game it works fine but i run the game with wemod + modded game the game crashes on startup

for the modded game I had to copy .exe and modify it
example :
origin: C: / … D2R.exe
modified: C / … D2R.exe -mod
so i am specifying this command line to wemod and launching the game from there and it is the systematic crash

do you have an explanation and / or a suggestion for me?
thanks in advance and hope I posted in the right place, if not I apologize


If a third-party modification changes the memory addresses that a trainer also needs to inject code into (to make cheats work), then there is a conflict, causing a crash.

There is nothing WeMod can do about this, other than advise you to identify the modification which is causing the conflict and not to use it if you also want to cheat. The trainer is designed for the vanilla game and its official DLCs only.

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