WeMod + MrAntiFun Announcement

Dear WeMod members,

It comes with great excitement that we’re announcing MrAntiFun is officially teaming up with WeMod. A lot of you know who he is and many of you have downloaded his trainers. Over the last four years, he has released over 2200 trainers and 4500 updates. That’s an average of 1700 releases per year (~4 PER DAY!)

The two largest free PC game cheat and trainer providers are joining forces to create the gold standard. MrAntiFun’s expertise and work ethic, combined with the ease and technology of the WeMod platform, creates the perfect storm.

And starting today, he will be posting his trainers exclusively to WeMod. He has already posted trainers for 37 games!

The repeated feedback from you was more games and faster updates. This is our solution. Expect a lot more trainers, much quicker updates, and a lot more fun.

Many people from his community will be joining us, so please be respectful of any new members and help out as you can. We will be promoting new staff members over the next few months. :wink:

More big app updates to come over the next few months like new supported languages, an enhanced voting system, and more. Stay tuned.

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback or questions!

Team WeMod


Well this is just awesome The legend joined the legends


That’s awesome news ! Welcome mr. Antifun and wish you the best joining wemod. I’m sure every thing will work out smoothly and should keep members very happy with your knowledge with trainers !
And we welcome all new members with open arms or app and welcome them to the community. sure sounds like a fantastic arrangement wemod app and mr. Antifun !!
GREAT NEWS for all.


This is a great deal, maybe the best deal in history.
Whenever WeMod didnt have a trainer or some stuff wouldnt work, I would instantly jump to MrAntiFun.
Thats over, love you for that.


now we talking


As a customer of MAF for years, I am happy to see him finally get the infrastructure and resources he truly deserves to continue his work.


Who would have thought the 2 best trainer makers would join forces? Been using MAF trainers for years, always reliable & well made. WeMod has been great for trainers to, keeping them nice & neat in one program. This pairing just makes it so much easier to find the right trainer for the version of the games we all love.


I’ve been using MAF trainers for years and all I can say is that his works are great. It’s a great addition for the WeMod team to add MAF to their team. Kudos to you guys.


Fantastic! Always good to see more trainers.

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Yay! So glad MrAntiFun has joined :slight_smile:
Maybe World of Final Fantasy can be fixed soon fingers-crossed :grin:
Please and thank you! :innocent:


wow! you guys are both awesome! the trainer making legends and the ease of trainer usage legends working together! so awesome this will be great i’d like to see what happens next i wonder if you guys will get all the games to get trainers well i know how mrantifun has a lot of trainers but they are so hard to use… but wemod is so easy to use but does not have them so THIS IS AWESOME!!!

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swwwweeeeetttt one of my fav trainer makers has joined wemod this is a great day for everyone


will this include undertale trainers?

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Nice! MAF is like one of the best of the best. I’ve used his trainers for a long time now. Anything to stick it to that rude cutthroat other trainer people… 99$ for a trainer my tuckus! Anyway. All the best to both of you!


Misterantifun is literaly one of the best you could get. this is awesome!


Welcome! I joined wemod only for his trainers! Good job! :smiley:


Best combo ever. MrAntiFun’s trainers are some of the best I’ve ever used. (WeMod had the rest.)

This is like mixing Plasma Grenades with the Cryolator in FO4. :3


I saw this announcement today and almost spit out my coffee. This is AMAZING news. Welcome MrAntiFun to the party!


MAF joined WeMod, :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

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