Wemod on my mobile hotspot

I about ready to give up on this. Iv been trying for hours to get wemod to work with my phones hotspot. It literally worked on it yesterday. but today its just not working. Iv whitlisted everything i can think of in the firewall, I even turned off all security at one point. nothing. nothing. nothing. it just endlessly loads and loads.
Iv attached two logs, please someone smarter than me help.
WeMod-1704067209222.log (25.0 KB)

WeMod-1704068082239.log (25.0 KB)

having a similar issue as my internets ■■■■■■ till thursday so been using a hotspot, for mods that ive used alot and have downloaded it works fine but for any new ones that I have not used in a while or ever are stuck on infinite loading mods. Saw a post awhile ago that said using maximizing compatibility on your hotspot if you have an iphone fixed it but it isnt working for me

heres the post