Wemod Overlay for Non-Pro Users

I thought about how to improve Wemod and then I got the idea that an overlay for the cheats that you want to use for the game could be displayed. Maybe even show the key combination of the cheats. This would on the one hand have the disadvantage for non-pro users that you have to minimize the game every time because you forgot the key combination and on the other hand it would be a great advantage for non-pro users.

My opinion of what should be seen on the overlay:

  • All available cheats for the game
  • The key combinations of the individual cheats
  • Which cheats are activated and which are not

When it is added to your in the future it should be noted that this feature should NOT be a Pro feature as my goal is to take advantage of the non-Pro users of Wemod and adding this feature would be a big step up the cons to balance the non-pro users again.

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WeMod already has an overlay for Pro members. Adding an overlay for free users would defeat the purpose of the Pro overlay. Removing an incentive from our Pro members is not something we are going to do as they are the ones who allow us to continue to operate. As of now, WeMod is the only large trainer creator that has an overlay of any sort.

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