Wemod phone app stuttering

so i’ve recently become a pro member, i use to use MegaDev for my cheat but then i found Wemod and they had cheats for games i play that MegaDev didn’t! and the phone app was to attractive SO it the phone app has been working beautifully but two days ago it stopped working

it will start up and connect just fine but when it gets to the menu with on the cheats it becomes completely unresponsive and the screen will flicker and the page will rapidly scroll up and down…please help…


Welcome to the community!

By chance, do you leave the WeMod app open in the background on either your phone or PC? I recommend closing completely out of the apps when done so there isn’t a possibility of a caching issue or memory leak.

A common fix for the issue you’re experiencing is to force close the app on both your phone and PC then reopen and try again. Another workaround if the phone app is acting up is to use remote.wemod.com.

Let us know if you are still having this issue :smiley:

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i force closed everything and restarted my computer uninstalled and reinstalled the app from my phone and now everything is working!! thank you so much!!!

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@Harxcesxiv6969 - Glad the issue has been resolved. Enjoy using the WeMod remote. :slight_smile:

@User_N4m3 - Thank you for helping yet another person. Rock on. :metal:

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