WeMod Pro Subscription Error

Hello, I purchased the WeMod Pro Monthly Payment few months back and I have it set as auto pay. Thing is today I opened up WeMod and it says I need to go upgrade to WeMod Pro. I thought I already was so I went to go reorder the monthly subscriptions incase my card was decline for whatever reason. I put my card info in and clicked on “Upgrade to WeMod Pro” and a message popped up and said I’m already have a subscription. It also said if it is declining then to try to pay with PayPal. So, that where I went and tried to use PayPal and it keeps saying the same thing. I know my account isn’t empty because I checked to make sure I have money in case that’s the issue. But that’s my issue.

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Look in the top-right of the WeMod desktop software at the username.
If it is not yours, you have been given a guest account, likely due to your cache being cleared or overwritten recently on your PC.

If that’s the case, click the cog wheel in the top right to go to the settings.
Click the red log out link.
Then log back into your actual account with Pro on it.

You can see by your purple name and Pro banner across your avatar here in the forum that you have Pro. Your username in the desktop software needs to match your username here.