WeMod remote

The remote won’t work just say open the wemod app on computer ad it is I’m lost here

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Restart both apps(make sure you close WeMod from the task tray) or try remote.wemod.com

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I have had this problem for ages and have uninstalled, reinstalled, repaired both windows side and android with no success.

Weird thing is, my Pixel 3a XL wont connect to the pc app, but my unsupported Xiaomi Mi 8 EE will.

Try putting airplane mode on for a few seconds then turn it off to reset the network on the Pixel. Maybe that will get them to pair.

Post back with your results :slight_smile:

Tried a few setting changes including the one you recommended and updates, but the pixel still wont connect to the pc app.

Hmmm… try changing the default browser to something other than Chrome. Maybe Firefox or Opera. The remote app uses your phone’s default browser so there could be an issue with Chrome on your Pixel. I personally have a Galaxy S10 [Samsung Internet browser] and have no issues using the remote app.

Let me know if this changes anything or even resolves the issue :sunglasses:

Same problem. App just says to open it on the PC.

  1. Launch task manager on your PC. Right-click all WeMod processes you find (including under the background processes header) and select End Task.

  2. Close the remote app on your smartphone or tablet.
    By “close” I actually mean close, not just dismiss it to the background where it’s still running, which many people incorrectly think is how you close mobile apps.

  3. Re-launch both.

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