WeMod Shop Now Open!

Due to the frequent requests, we received for some WeMod apparel we decided to open a little shop!

There are a handful of Gen 1 T-Shirts available in each size. I can’t say that we will ever have the exact same tee in stock again, so if you want one, do not miss your chance.

What should we add to the shop next?

  • WeMod X Infinity Hoodie
  • Infinity Hat
  • Another Shirt

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If possible please also add sizes up to like 4x


I voted for hoodie but I’d only really like a zip up hoodie.

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Hoodies are awesome. Personally, I prefer pull-over style, but zip-ups are cool too. Either way hoodies are a must.


Hoodless pullovers pls

My hoodie, go to the top. Pliz.

I rather want pull-over hoodies than zipped once.

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Just throwing some suggestions out there…

If you create a zipper hoodie, a large Infinity logo should be on the back with “INFINITY” written underneath. A small front logo should be on the top left/right of the chest. Choice of black or white would be nice.

If you create a pull-over hoodie, a large Infinity logo should be on the back and the front should just say “INFINITY”. Choice of black or white again.

Final suggestion;- make both :slight_smile:

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There goes all my money haha

Yeah I think a hoodie would be nice

ill get the hoodie when we can

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