WeMod should add profiles to Trainers

WeMod should let users create multiple profiles for cheats so its easier to use

for example cyberpunk trainers have 30+ different options and its time consuming to alwasy have to adjust it every time .


I like the idea! Would be definitely helpful if we could save our cheat settings and activate those we use with only one key.


@AbsoluteOctopus187, @Hegenox you can change the hotkeys for all the cheats you use and assign them the same key. This will reset after a trainer update or WeMod update so keep that in mind.

Your suggestion is a good one, but I just wanted to point out you can activate all your most used cheats with just one key.

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I didn’t knew that - I assumed that when you’ll try to set one key while its bound to another option it would either not allow it or change previous binding (as its usually the case in ingame key bindings). Thanks for the info!


Huh, weird. My hotkeys were never reseted after update, either trainer or app.