WeMod should have an Offline Mode

Part of the appeal of WeMod is that it houses a large amount of trainers so you don’t have to waste time looking for individual trainers to download.

What I don’t like is that only a handful of trainers are accessible when in offline mode. A large number aren’t.

What would it take for the WeMod team to add an option in Settings called “Offline Mode”, which means the client downloads all trainers to the computer so they are accessible regardless of whether there is internet connection or not.

I think that this will increase WeMod’s value immensely and make it the preferred trainer solution among the rest.

I honestly find no reason why this has not been the case al along and would at least like for someone on the WeMod team to explain to me how come this has not come to pass.

Thank you and have a good day.


i vote for this too. sometimes my work travels take me to places with spotty internet.

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WeMod does have an offline mode, however, to save on space, only trainers that are previously used while on an internet connection are stored in the cache.

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This is not ideal. So I have to use 100s of trainers just in case I will need them when I have no access to an internet connection?

I agree with this notion by @Weilan01 and think WeMod would be ahead of the game, pun intended! :laughing:

I’d consider reading this article as well that covers some information about offline mode that I haven’t even considered!

Why Develop Mobile Applications Offline?

***EDIT: Maybe there could be some sort of paid solution? I do think it’s good that we can at least use trainers we have already used on an internet connection. That is a great feature. I love your software and will remain loyal regardless. :+1:

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To cover all cases you would have to download every trainer which would be about 11k trainers and every time a trainer is updated it would have to download the newest version regardless if you are playing the game or not. It really just doesn’t make sense to have 22GB of trainers downloaded on someone’s PC.

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Well, in that case, would it be possible to have an option for each trainer that’s been loaded to have an ON/OFF button that says “Available Offline” that a person can enable?


Great idea I was thinking that while reading this thread. +1