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Wemod should offer user gamesave sharing section



It was like a dream come true (I found it and in 4-6 months it was down!) , just search for a game, BAMM there are several saves at various stages and levels. All user ratings and breif descriptions of what each included, You could find just the right save at the right level with plenty of resources so you don’t have to GRIND for days, months, years…

Most games I just quit trying to keep playing. Too hard even at casual or “easy” mode. I don’t think games even have a mode where you can play, progress to the end in a casual play at your own speed.

And who really wants to rip open their xbox and try to hack it just to have a way to play the games you pay for but which are too hard to play or require endless grinding to find enough resources to get through the game. It seems like it should be a no brainer, if you don’t like to play on easy mode, with infinite ammo, plenty of gold, credits, experience, blah, blah, then DON’T!!!

Why make it impossible to play like that?? I pay for the game, I deserve to play it the way I want to play it.

I don’t want to hack into my box and risk getting banned!!!


If you think there is big money in it then why don’t you pitch it to a bank and get a loan? I am sure they too would see how profitible it would be to host obsolete gamesaves for free.


There are not enough people still playing Xbox 360 to populate a gamesave share. One of our moderators made one once and even it wasn’t very popular. Xbox one has been out for 5 years so it would be even less popular now.



As far as a game save sharer, unfortunately, the demand for it just isn’t there.


Thank you for your reply. Forgive me for not responding sooner. Good point though, xbox One has been out for over 6 years now. When are Wemod developers going to support gamesave MODs for the xbox One platform???

  • upcaman


It isn’t possible to mod xbox one game saves yet.