Wemod Sponsor

Is it ever possible as a streamer to one day be sponsored by WeMod. Love WeMod and use it all the time and have for a long time. Obviously cannot use on online multiplayer games but that is fine with me. I think it would help bring more people to inquire about and use WeMod. Thanks for any responses on the subject. :slight_smile:

Hello. :slight_smile:

Both WeMod (formerly known as Infinity) and Horizon have been featured in a few YouTube videos over the years by various YouTubers. There’s nothing stopping you from uploading YouTube videos of you using WeMod - as long as you don’t try to mislead the viewers about anything. As far as I’m personally aware, none of the YouTubers featuring WeMod have ever been sponsored or financially backed by the company.

You’re welcome to submit a detailed business partnership proposal to support@wemod.com. And you also need to bear in mind that YouTube have extremely strict regulations on promotional content in videos on their platforms that you will need to do heavy research on to make sure your account doesn’t get frozen.

More info: I'm a content creator, can I partner with WeMod? - WeMod Support

not for youtube it’s for twitch.