WeMod stuck at loading screen

WeMod stuck at loading screen, I tried reinstall and restarting my PC, neither of them worked.

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Same problem here, I also created a topic. I am experiencing the exact same problem.

Same here. It was freezing up when I was trying to use it earlier. Tried to reinstall it, it downloaded files but then showed “:)” and is getting stuck on loading screen

End all in task manager. Then use this one see if helps

tried it, not working. Uninstalled AV as well just in case and disabled firewall. Still just continuous loading screen

Same here stuck at loading screens server down maybe??

Yeah, I encounter the same/a similar issue regardless of what game I’m playing - I press play, the loading edge appears, goes around the button forever, and otherwise freezes. I can’t access settings or anything.

Exact same thing has happened to me. Tried to uninstall and just sits there on the main animation screen. Before it was launching the game and then the play icon would just spin and then wemod would freeze.

We are checking into right at this moment.

We pinged " the mastermind " frank looking into right now.
Sorry about the delay


Excellent! Apps been great helping me with The Witcher 3 story its so damn good.

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I thought it was happening only in mine, but I see that there are many with the same problem

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Nope ! Instincts got hold of Frank. Should be resolved in few minutes !
Sorry guys again.
If it was one or two people then … but like 20 at same time hahaha


No worries all patience and respect for this stuff! I know the hard work that goes into the servers/trainers!

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No problem. Honestly this is the fastest support I’ve ever gotten on any site yet.


such a great support!
keep on the good work guys

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Hahaha ya. So many people posted at one time. Figured something was up. Little hiccup in the system.
I think it mite be Good to go now

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Can verify everything is good! Back to grind The Witcher 3!

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its working perfectly!
time to back on my dawn of war 3

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Thank you so much for all the hard work.

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Sorry about that. Pretty careless coding mistake on my part :grimacing:

It should be working fine now!

Thanks @ptondo for the quick message :+1: