Wemod suddenly not working right

so lately when i open wemod it just brings up a black window and nothing happens. i then have to uninstall and redownload to get it to run. Also the icon for some reason is stuck to my taskbar now and i cant get it to unpin. anyo0ne else having issues with the app?

For black screen end all wemod in task manager then should open
I have never had wemod stuck in task bar. I know it stays open in the box to the bottom right with the little up arrow ^

If this happens regularly then it is likely that a security program is interfering with WeMod. Make sure WeMod is added as an exception in your antivirus, even if it’s the default Windows Defender.

The black screen issue is a Windows fluke where program processes get stuck. I’m not 100% certain but this could be caused by antivirus interference. I’ve had it plenty of times with non-WeMod software. Simply ending the software’s process via Task Manager fixes this.

Regarding the taskbar icon that cannot be unpinned, are you certain that the reason you cannot unpin it is because the software is actually still running? I’ve never experienced an unpinnable icon with any program at all, WeMod included.

just saw the replies. Thank you to both of you. I’ll give these suggestions a try! As far as the unpin that was probably just on my end im sure so i ran a script that just unpinned everything and problem solved lol

ending the sessions (there were 3 or 4 in task manager) worked. Thanks!

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