WeMod thinks it needs to install (reinstall) my steam game, that worked b4 and runs on steam fine?

I have been using WeMod with my games (including Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3) which has been working since I installed WeMod.
Now, when I open WeMod, it wants to install the game (steam), and steam comes up with an error window “Steam failed to install Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (invalid app confiuration).”
It already is. I just played it on steam.
I verified the files, all ok.
I uninstalled WeMod, including deleting the Local files folder and did a new install from the site.
I checked my steam download, and path location. All the steam apps are in the same steam->steamapp->common->Call of Duty (just like COD 4, which is also installed there, and runs on WeMod ok.
I ran steam as Admin.
Made sure al steam, steam apps, and wemod folders are whitelisted
As a note, I read a lot of support issues on WeMod that say "click the + add game button. There is no Add, + or anything on the main WeMod screan that would allow me to add anything.


Did you move the install location of the game? WeMod uses files created by Steam to determine which games you have installed. You can manually link the game by following the steps here: Why can't WeMod find my installed game? - WeMod Support