Wemod uninstalled itself and now I can't download the setup

So for some reason Wemod uninstalled itself. How I have no clue but one minute I’m looking at the app, the next thing I know it closes and removes all files from my computer.

As I result I had to reinstall. So I went to the download page and clicked “free download” with the 54 MB note beside it.

Oddly enough the download finished instantly but the completed file is only 74 KBs big. So that’s a red flag. Brushing off that weird little note I decided to give the install a try anyway. I instantly get and error message:

"Installation has failed

There was an error while installing the application. Check the setup log for more information and contact the author."

I would attach the setup log but I can’t upload files.

So what’s gone wrong and how do I fix it?

Your AV is causing issues. Uninstall your AV especially if you are using bit defender.

I don’t have a third party AV, all I got is windows defender and I disabled that.

Use this installer https://api.wemod.com/infinity/download

I encountered the same problem and what worked for me is that I uninstalled all of the app data after adding those files and the installer.exe to my antiviruses whitelist as an exception and then hit my pcs hard reset button, deactivated my antivirus software and reinstalled it. I’m not sure if all of those steps are necessary but it seems like whitelisting the installer then hitting hard restart and then reinstalling wemod should do the trick.