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what the hell. i was using infinity to do my fallout 4 and i wont let me use the buttons this is crap i done this for years and NOW IT WON’T LET ME USE IT. AND NOW I HAVE TO PAY TO USE THE PROGRAM.


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You don’t have to pay to use it. You just have to use the hotkeys now if you’re not pro


Think of it as a nudge to get people to support wemod. You can still use wemod the way you’ve always liked minus clicking with your mouse.

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Well you have to think the devs have to think of ways for people to get pro , im meen they have to pay for this wonderful " free " site somehow the money comes out of there pockets every one out there that has a website has some kinda way to bring money in somehow and becoming pro pays the bills here
Im not trying to be a dick just my 3 cents too ! Lol

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@ptondo You raise a good point they need some way to make money i agree with that but pro to click the buttons seems bit silly to me but its all right ill just rebind or learn the hot keys since my hands aren’t used to pressing more then F4 that is the only thing i’d raise a well not a concern a thought on everything else im fine with

I dont think wemod is crap at all they do great work but some people just dont like the idea of Pro there’s nothing worth getting right now at least to me im sure there’s plenty of other people who find use with the app and theme change (now with V5) but the interactive controls was so easy for me with dual monitors and Im just not use to using hotkey’s and now I have to remember them for each trainer? it just seems you gave out something as a mistake and now you want to pull it away just to make a profit on it? (which is fine since you guy’s need the money to run wemod) but some one in the staff system need’s to think on people who cant afford Pro every month and this is one of those small thing’s that can,will,might effect pool of people.

I’m completely fine with this. i just use hotkeys anyways i change them always to what i normally use

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Keep up the work Wemod team :smiley: best mod manager in the buisness

everytime i close the app. its always making a shortcut. how do i disable this?

i keep throbbing after i beat my meat but this update really sexy looking is there a fix?

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Hello. I have been using Infinity since the very beginning, but I have found something that is worrying me. The votes towards The Witcher have been deleted. I suspect that the same has been happening with a few other vote counts as well. Does WeMod have any way to recover the lost votes or restore the vote counts?

^That was adressed by frank on a different thread.

You gotta remember that WeMod needs to stay alive to promote there free wemod app for you to use…it’s not like there multi billionaires that can afford payments towards the website, app ect…If your so worried then go back to MrAnti or CheatHappens, there all the same with key map functions…just my 4c worth…

im also just gonna leave this here, my suggestion was to make Version guard Pro and interactive controls free, cause if people like free cheat’s that’s great they can cheat for free long as they want till the game update’s and it’s broke and now they have to wait till the trainer is updated or they can buy pro and protect the trainer from breaking with Version Guard just seems like better business for Wemod

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I honestly feel like it’s backwards. It seems like using keybindings to turn on/off cheats is more convenient than alt tabbing out and manually turning on/off cheats. Or yeah, perhaps make it where the version guard is the pro feature and leave the toggling and keybindings as free. It makes more sense for someone to have to wait for updates if they’re free than to just not be able to click a button on an app.

More people will leave if they have to wait for cheats to be updated than being forced to use hotkeys which every other trainer forces you to do. You continue to post here and on discord about the people that can’t afford Pro but have acknowledged the fact that all cheats are still accessible via hotkey. A month of Pro is the same price as 1 Starbucks, a pack of smokes, or several other things that most people buy at least once a month. Compare what WeMod offers free to other sites that have subscriptions or require donations. We do not have any premium games, we don’t have ads, we make every update available for free, we allow every user to vote on new games, and several other features that other sites charge for.

We understand not everyone is going to be happy about this but the options were suppose to be Pro from the beginning and we decided to wait.


there’s already people upset over this move and more then likely leaving so either way there gonna leave and yeah it’s cheap but still it should of just been free even if it was mistake just accept it and find another way to make a profit off pro instead of something basic?

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If people are going to leave regardless wouldn’t it make more sense for us to minimize loss? Not that many people are upset over the hotkey change. Your comment is the equivalent of telling a company they mispriced a product and should continue selling it at a loss instead of fixing the price. We’ve said since the beginning these would be Pro only features in the future.

Alright then im not gonna give any more feedback since it’s preety much locked on we are not going back, ill just do hotkey’s then and as for people knowing I never knew that and I guess the “small” amount of people besides me replying to the issue did not too so oh well

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