WeMod update feedback

Is the trainer injected?

If by “injected” you mean, is the trainer loaded? Yes. I launch games from within the trainer and I do not “ALT-TAB” out of the game to activate the cheats. So what gives?


No i meant to does it say playing instead of play?

Try uninstalling the app and installing it again from the site. Let me know if that did the trick because it worked for one other person.

Stop games from updating or enable VG.

Im very dissapointed, no games or hotkeys work for me, i was excited for the infinity - wemod update, but now no cheats work even if i run the game through wemod and try to use hotkeys, sorry but will not use software until fixed

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Well sorry to hear that. Good thing your not pro then.
You can still use it but not hotkeys unless your pro

Though I don’t like it, it’s fair come on guys shut the ■■■■ up. It doesn’t have to be free. Be happy you can still use without paying instead of complaining.

Ok, this is getting frustrating. As I said. I launch games from WITHIN the trainer. I choose a game and click the play button. After the game loads and I begin to play, none of the keys work. No sounds to indicate that the cheats are active are audible. For example: F1 for unlimited health in “Mad Max” does not work nor do any of the other keys. Nothing works!! What am I missing?

I’ll try uninstalling the trainer and reinstalling from the site.


very helpful

That doesn’t answer the question which STN asked which the answer could lead to solving your problem because it defines wether the Trainer is injected or not.

You have the steam version ? cuz i use mad max like couple times a week and it works for sure
Maybe start the game first then click play in wemod after game starts

I found it pretty ridiculous as well especially some trainers straight out suck with hot keys when trying to add currency or some cheat features that are not a simple click.

This simple click thing was the only thing bringing me back from instead of using Mrantifun cheat tables or CheatEngine Tables.

Besides the coins and phone control panel which made this software good for cheating was the simple click feature. Which was nice for a free user but taking that away makes this service less different from the others.

Wemod is just trying to grab that $8 Monthly fee out of your wallet.

Thats my $8 ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I don’t care about the rest. Is the Play button saying PLAYING or still Play?

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Not a fan of pro only interactive buttons but that’s just me. Now if there was a lifetime subscription option…

And how much do you think a lifetime membership would be ?
If its 70 $ a year wow. !

Would cost the same as your steam account

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I hope you understand that it was never meant to be a free option.

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A deal could always be offered could it not if they decided to do this? I’m not saying they should I just prefer the one time payment options. Like I said it’s how I prefer things.

I understand that a lot of work goes into creating a tool like this and the devs should be supported for their work. I never said I wouldn’t support monthly subscriptions it’s just how I prefer things.

Yes. I’ve read the comments in other threads. And like I said it’s something I don’t like, my words aren’t gospel it was merely my thoughts. In the words of Grill Bears, Adapt, Overcome, Survive.