WeMod & Win11

Don`t work with Win 11.

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Works fine for me with Windows 11. You’ll need to be more specific about your issue if you want the mods/admins to help you.

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We’ve had no other reports of this nature from any of our other millions of active users, many whom are also on Windows 11. This is the sort of thing we’d be getting maybe a dozen reports an hour for, but this is the only one I’m aware of.

Please be more specific about your issue. Your post contains absolutely nothing useful that can help either the support team or the development team to help you and look into this.

  1. Are you referring to the WeMod software or a specific game trainer?
  2. What do you do and what happens when you do it?
  3. What error messages do you get?
  4. Is your .NET Framework version up to date? Windows has a well known history of forgetting to reinstall .NET Framework correctly after upgrades.
  5. Is WeMod added as an exception in your antivirus?