Wemod's Pro Problem

Wemod’s Pro situation has spiraled out of control. When it was first brought in, making it so that the cheats can be activated from your phone, it wasn’t that much of an issue. Now, though, it’s made it so that you can’t use certain cheats at all. EU4 now can’t use any cheats unless you go Pro. They are basically saying ‘Hey, if you want to cheat, you have to pay.’ I don’t know what is going on at Wemod headquarters, and there are plenty of good hackers there, but it’s clear that some people there are getting greedy.

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Please use the search button to seek information rather than jumping to incorrect conclusions. No trainers at WeMod require a Pro subscription to use. The entire team put a lot of work into WeMod behind the scenes, most of which nobody ever gets to see, so we don’t appreciate accusations, especially when blatantly false.

Here’s a quote from another of my posts, which you can find using the search button:

Bear in mind that WeMod does have every right to make trainers paid only. And if Pro subscriptions weren’t enough to keep WeMod going, this would probably happen. The current price of one Pro subscription isn’t even enough to buy a WeMod developer a decent cup of coffee a day in a major city. WeMod is the safest and largest cheating service online - and it’s free with optional Pro subscriptions.

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