"we're having trouble downloading the cheats" what should i do ..any help

Ive been having this issue … any help

Deactivate your antivirus and Firewall. be sure to have the proper riights. Start Wemod as admin.

What N1ceToMeetYou said is accurate, generally when cheats don’t download there’s an Anti Virus or Firewall blocking them. Some AV’s continue to block stuff until they are uninstalled :slight_smile:

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thanks for replying i appreciated a lot… i review all the AV issues related and fix them all but nothing seems to work … the issue started with only one of the game but 2 days later i happened with all the others as well. the only final solution i found was a window reset. it worked but is a pain on the a$# install all the programs and conf again but for now it will do … hope someone else encountered this issue and find an shorter and easier solution…

That is quite odd and I’m sorry you felt the need to reset your system. Hopefully from here on out it’s smooth sailing for you :slight_smile: