We're having trouble starting or finding your opened game AC Odyssey


I was trying to run WeMod for Assassins Creed Odyssey. at first, it didnt recognize where the game is installed. so i put the .exe file in it and all. then WeMod actually managed to start the game up. but it still gave me that message and i dont seem to be able get around it.

any idea?

best wishes


edit: if it is any help: I am playing through uplay

Do you have the game through Uplay+? If you do it will not work with the current trainer and you will need to vote for the Uplay+ version to be made or purchase the game.

no. I did not even know about Uplay+ until now. i just bought it regularly

i have version number 1.51 of Odyssey if that is any help

I just updated WeMod, which did not change anything

Try starting the game from Uplay then alt-tab and click play. Also make sure you have selected the Uplay version of the cheats.

same message as before.

WeMod lists the game as “maybe compatible” only

What EXE did you select?

i too am having the same problem i am playing it thru ubisoft connect
and have played it before with no problems