We're having trouble starting or finding your opened game GR Wildlands

I own GR wildlands on steam I’ve been trying to load the game with cheats but I am always met with the same error before and after the newest trainer patch "We’re having trouble starting or finding your opened game’’ if I open the game and try to use the cheats it says to close the game… so I guess it does find it. This problem seems to appear only on steam games. I’ve tried with the path it detects by itself and the one I choose. AV is Malwarebytes but nothing pops up in quarantine or that something may be blocked by it. Wondering if anybody can help me out with this one.

You could try disabling\enabling Version Guard or uninstall\reinstall Version Guard. Also, verify that you have WeMod added to Malwarebytes’ exception list.

What is Version Guard? how i do this??? pl;ease

Version guard has been done for like a year now