Were to buy ps3 help plz

Hi guys as u all know i lost my Xbox 360 not long ago and well im looking to buy a ps3 for about 120 bucks or under 100 i saw a very good deal on game stop for a ps3 new with Disney infinity 2.0 for about 94 bucks but now its gone do u guys know were i could go to find a new ps3 or a trusted seller/store who sells them.

Pretty Cheap on Ebay


Obviously it all varies by location, but I’m come across many deals via Craigslist that are from people either trying to get upgrade to the newer console by selling the older one, people moving away from playing video games, etc. Plus, you could manage to get a few games, controllers, etc. with the console, which would just jump the price by a lot in a normal store.

Best of luck!

Craig’s list or http://www.gamestop.com/ps3

yea guys but im looking for someone who can just ship something to me not were i have to meet up and stuff u know what i mean

ebay ships.

Or wait until black Friday rolls around and buy one then.

Dude… you live in Las Vegas. Go to a pawn shop. Tell them all you have is $100 and you need a PS3 with a few games and you’ll get one. Or just wait for black Friday like Chris mentioned.

Or put $100 on black and profit.

only thing bad is I don’t have the 100 bucks to march by then the black Friday deal will be done also pawn shops here have big lines lol

Why ask us nearly 6 months ahead of time?

The good news is they will be cheaper then. Not saying as cheap as black Friday deals but in general.

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5 months away lol

Just arrived, well you bought your Xbox from black Friday deal? if yes then plz tell me how it’s working? because I also wanna buy it and I saw many good on Black Friday coupon codes, but seriously I am confused to by, plz tell me your experience it will help me to buy a good one from a good place.