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Server Status: Online
Server IP:

[size=25]Server Details:
• 30 slots (subject to change)
• 24/7 up-time
• No lag
• Survival
• Multiple worlds
• Economy (maybe)

• Wesley (Teh_Sploiter)
• Samplez (HardDrive)
• Max (iTz_Max)
• Pax (XMB_Pax)
• Mip68 (Mip68)
• BrandyJo (BrandyJo)

We are not accepting any staff.


• Owner - Only Wesley.
• Admin - Almost Unobtainable.
• Moderator - Obtained by Helping others, Showing Maturity, and showing leadership over time.
• VIP+ - Obtained by donating at least $15
• VIP - Obtained by donating at least $5
• Survivalist - Automatically obtained by joining
• Builder + - Obtained by building outstandingly in Survival/Hardcore
• [I Have no Swag] Rank - Obtained by being an all around Douche who has no intentions of benefiting the server / NOT ruining everyone’s time.
Any user with H - in front of their name is in Hardcore World.

• No Griefing
• No Hacked Clients
• No Spamming
• Respect Staff
• Be Respectful To All Players
• Do Not Constantly Complain
• Do Not Ask For A Promotion
• No Stealing

Rules subject to change




Mip68 - $25

Want to Donate? Contact a staff member for more info.
PM Me (Wesley) Once you have donated to be added to the list[/size]

Custom WesleyCraft Minecraft Client coming soon!

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That looks pretty awesome (NYAN CAT<3)

I need build rights. I am kingharald

do not join. He tries to stop the competition by sending players from his server onto yours and grief everything when you are gone.

The guys has nothing for himself in life.

Do not join the server. It’s just garbage.

I have a girlfriend. A Lot of friends. Also I have never been on your server before?..

Also I was planning on buying a plan from you but you tried to scam me. Go away.

scam you LOL.

nonononono. I am a very trusted member from here and would never scam anyone.

IDK where your getting this from.

Name - L30TACO

Nice Server. Looks Good

Lol. How about both of you shut up? It’s a video game, chill.

wow i was banned for no reason D:
username: Hingis

Yay! I lost the IP to it :smiley:

This server seems pretty cool

Thanks! Me and the staff/builders work hard to make good build to make it look cool

Maxxyhax is on your ban list twice lol

What are the rules of this server? Cause I see alot of banned users…

  1. No Griefing
  2. Don’t ask for Rank(staff)
  3. Respect the staff
  4. Do NOT spam text
  5. All Bad builds will get deleted
    6.TNT is Prohibited
  6. Don’t curse
  7. Don’t ask for Items
  8. TNT, Lava, Water, and Bedrock is Staff only
  9. Don’t Harass other members under any circumstances

All users listed Broke one of those rules one time or more. Mostly Griefing

So would I be allowed to just build something without being disturbed?

I personally recommend this server, probably the funnest server I’ve been on, very friendly environment, as well as amazing builds! And if you need any help, I’m an admin.

wow why is the ban list so big lul !

Lol one of our previous moderators (Username: DougMods on here or something similar)

Posted our servers IP on Team Avo’s Youtube… But Griefers are all stupid so I checked the post on youtube and it said “ask for zack” and everyone who did… I banned :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a great server, you guys should definetly join.