Wh at versions of windows does Horizon run on?

I recently picked up a £20 computer at the scrap to find out it runs on Windows Xp and I tried downloading Horizon to it but keeps coming up with an error message saying something like "Horizon isn’t responding.Please try again later"I have tried consecutively over the past month and was wondering if it is due to the version of windows.My other computer runs on Windows 8 and the £20 one runs on Windows xp but I have full access on my Windows 8 computer.
Can anyone help?

Make sure the computer has .net 4 framework and it should work.

Well Horizon is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8. If I was you just try downloading the client from the download link here!

Edit: Also try downloading .Net Framework 3.5 which is required for Horizon to function correctly, you can download that here!

Just downloaded .4 framework and didn’t help.I will now try .3.5 framework and see if any improvements.
Also when downloading horizon the logo does not appear but instead a disc logo?

Use both of nicks links above and you’ll be golden.

That is because it is an executable file, which is the installer of Horizon. After you install the executable there will be a Horizon logo on your desktop (if you selected create a desktop shortcut) and that will be Horizon.

Also just downloaded the 3.5 framework and no help

Did you also download the client that I linked?

Yo n i c k,when selecting horizon,it does not give me that option.

Well that option is in the installer, not the actual program.

yeah I know,I can get the download done but once it reaches the installing stage it says something about the servers then try agian later.
cheers n i c k for all help

So Horizon failed to connect to the servers? Well that is actually an easy fix, just allow Horizon through your firewall and disable any antivirus programs you have downloaded onto your computer.

and yes did download the client aswell

Follow these steps.

  1. Uninstall Horizon through the control panel
  2. Check for Windows Updates
  3. Restart your computer (if you don’t have any updates to take if you have any updates to take, take them then restart)
  4. After your computer restarts re-download and install Horizon through this link: https://www.horizonmb.com/client/v2/Horizon.Setup.v2.8.2.0.exe

If you need any help or any support I will show you through Join.me, which is a program where I screen share and show you hands on how to do any of the steps above.