What an "OG" Gamertag Really Is

What a “Rare/OG” Gamertag Really Is

What can be classified as “Rare/OG”?

Words When I say words I mean root words/commonly used words. Majority of the rare/og tags you will see are words that have an actual meaning. Also dont be gay and look in the dictionary and find some phobia disease and say that the name is rare/og.
-Examples: Black, Smoke, Steal, Remote, etc.

Two(2) Characters These are rare/og because there is only a few thousand possible combinations, and millions of gamertags. The rarity of each 2 letter is varied by how common it is. For example Hi would be considered an extremely rare gamertag because basically everyone uses the word Hi. So if you got a word, abbreviation or a double letter then youre a lucky bastard :stuck_out_tongue:
-Examples: Lo, JJ, Tn, x8, etc.

One(1) Characters Cant get rarer than this. There is only 26 of these bad boys and a few are owned by Microsoft employees. Not much to say about this. If you have one then you are simply godly, good luck with all your spam.
-Examples: A, B, C, G, H, etc.

What’s not “Rare/OG”?Three(3) Character Names Its going to be a very long time before these get rare. Example of a 3 character: H6L or OHJ. Dont be fooled when someone says “Selling Rare/OG tags” and its a page of 3 characters. There are tens of thousands of combinations for 3 characters. Only exceptions of a rare 3 character are: words, abbreviations, or triple pairs(example: HHH).

I’s for L’s, 0’s for O’s Examples are: Sm0ke or RoyaI. These names can be cool in some cases, but in no way are they rare.

Made Up Words Example: Pwnzilla, Killzor. Cant really blame you for making them to just screw around on Xbox Live, just dont go around saying theyre rare. Some exceptions, but very rare.

Dictionary Words - Example: agoraphobia narcolepsy Again, cant blame you for making them, but it doesnt mean you have a rare tag just because its a word. I mean seriously majority of us who play are 13-18. What kind of nerd is going to know what phobia you have. Id rather see “Iottery” than one of these account names.

Past(ed), Present Tense(ing) and Plural Forms(s) Examples: Bewildered Checking Advisements. They are pretty tough to make but there is so many accounts like this around. I beg you guys dont consider these types of accounts rare unless its a tag like owned.

Accounts With More Than One Word Examples: Pro Scoper Sniper King CoD Legend. These kinds of names arent rare. There’s few exceptions to this, but 9 times out of 10, it isn’t rare.

Any Account With Numbers In Them - Examples: Coolkid224 Owner353 Not rare at all. It has extra characters in it that aren’t necessary or replacing vowels. Exception for something like l337 or ub3r as those are used a lot. But no l33t speak that could use normal letters.

Enjoy, hope this helps.

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