What are some cool things i can do with my jtag?


do some research


Why did you buy it then? :s


RTH is always fun

real time halo?

Get some good games of xbox360iso.com… Install a custom dash. Install Unbuntu…

Copy games and movies to your hard drive and play them without the disc.
Run emulators and roms (PS1, GBA, SNES etc)
Modify games and add content that wouldn’t be possible on a retail.
Free XBL Arcade games and DLC

Look up some of the guides and tutorials to gain some more knowledge :smile:

JTAG Tutorials - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards

You can do the waw online god mod thing

or you can do a zombies lobby for mw2/cod4 on xlink :confused:

how do i get emulators?



Go to the Emulators heading on both posts.

thanks :stuck_out_tongue: i cant find a super mario tho :anguished:

For SNES, go down to “super mario”

SNES Roms at ROMNation.NET

Check out that site for more roms for other emulators :smile:

it wont let me download super mario :anguished:

Seems like it’s protected on romnation :confused:

Anyway heres another link - Download… Super Mario World

If that doesn’t work just type in “super mario SNES Rom” into google, you’ll get it for sure.

:smiley: thanks