What are the Best apps for Jtag

The title says it all ?

Internet Explorer

some emulators are good IMO

I don’t know much about JTAGs sorry.

then why heck post? dont have anything to say, dont post?

Have you not noticed this site is all about post count and thanks…

Onto OP

Xex Menu, NXE2GOD(Converts installed games into game on demand so no more need for disc), XM360(makes arcade games and DLC unlocked), those are the best basic ones, Also theirs a good NES/SNES Emulator and their is a Sega Emulator,

snes emulator ftw!!!

Yeah i have noticed, and its getting really freaking annoyingg, this sites supposed to be the god damn besst. i mean, this site isent supposed to be about that, its suppoesed to be about are modding community . not post counts and thanks… its god damn annoying!