What are your first impressions on Destiny?

The game so far (about 9 hours in) is great. Not much different from the beta. I thoroughly enjoyed it with my friends. I have a feeling that playing alone would be a little on the boring side, though. Anyway, what are your guys’ impressions?

Haven’t played it yet . I hear really good things about it. I also didn’t play the Beta… since it required Gold… stupid Trials … <.<

Haven’t played the game myself, besides the Beta, but I have watched hours of gameplay via streams and my friend. Overall, the game seems very entertaining and I will get it at some point down the road, just have to get the next-gen. console.

It’s a cool game. I play alone, but too bad its online only.

I play in a group and it is so far is freaking and our group plays missions/story on hard now that a challenge…also the moon battle called The Summing Pit is one epic fight we had to regroup and give it another try for later

Boring :confused:

Besides buying/unlocking upgrades the story doesn’t pull you in at all and unless your friends are online it’s really not worth playing. I have around 7 hours played.

Would be nice to play with friends without getting ****ing disconnected…

I’m loving it. Doing the coop missions with my friend is a lot of fun. Kind of boring if you’re by yourself though. ALso the Pvp is a lot of fun once you get good weapons and upgrades.

It’s really good so far. I’m loving the co-op missions, they’re great fun

Only ever played it solo since yesterday and it’s much more fun as a duo or trio, the supers to save friends are absolutely amazing. I did the fist of havoc on top of a servitor strike boss yesterday to save a team mate, it was awesome but not worth recording as I kinda ran away as it happened quite quickly. Would’ve looked cool on the other person’s screen. Awesome game and seems to have a great sense of longevity to it, heres hoping I’ll be able to play on my uni connection. I know it’s had problems with ports etc, but apparently they’re limiting the needed ports in a patch soon so that’s good.