What do I need to flash a lite-on drive?

Title says all. Oh, and what do I need to switch out DVD drives from one 360 to the next if it is a Lite-on?

Well you need a probe 3 and a 6421 sata chipset or a 6421 chipset pci sata card or a x360usb

I have the PCI card as well as the sata cable.

So I need a probe 3? Can you make it? If so how and what materials do I need?

You can I’m sure but it’s not a good idea as it can burn/fry the drive if you make it wrong, the probe is only $23 max and that includes shipping.

I have 15$.

Life is a *****, isn’t it?

Do an odd job like mowing a lawn, but I’d also like to say I am helping you even though when I asked for help about the same type of thing you only had crude remarks to say

I am willing to help you because it’s confusing and I learned but do me a favor and be more understanding to new people to flashing.

There is a difference between asking for a tutorial on how to flash and asking for what materials are needed and how to make a probe.

Flashing is done so many times over that the known issues are commonly noted and avoided.

If I am making this probe however, it is easier to mess it up since it is with RL objects. I will stick by what I said in that thread. Especially since if I do so remember, Kill_Seth was willing to help anyways.

You are asking what materials are needed, either way you were crude and unwilling to help someone. I am helping you because that’s what you should do regardless of who it is or what they need help with, I couldn’t open the tutorial at that time because the computer I could flash on had a virus that broke adobe. Luckily a member from here worked with me through teamviewer and after I saw it done once I knew exactly what to do.

Are you sure you aren’t just helping me to look like the better man and to point out what I said in the past and then use it against me? If so, cruel, but I do say good job, as I would probably do the same.

you might wanna get a power source just to be on the safe side

Honestly I’m not, at first I wasn’t even sure if it was you, but I didn’t point that out to make you look bad, I did it so maybe next time you see a member who wants to know something you’ll help them. Honestly, if you need any help after this thread you can PM me or AIM me. I am more than willing to help.

I was told that it was fine to power with the console.

its up to you

I’ve never had a problem powering the probe with the console, but be careful because if you plug the probe into the drive after the console has been turned on, it can fry the console.

I found a great tutorial a few days ago on another forum which teaches you how to makes the probe as well as a power switch alternative. I used it on two boxes so far and I’ve had no problems whatsoever if you are still looking for help I will be happy to post it!

That would be great!

I’ve Forgotten a lot but maybe this will help?

Oscar confused me a bit now. He said the tutorial on game-tuts on how to flash a lite-on doesn’t work anymore.

Can anyone tell me what I need to flash a lite-on and how I would go about making some of the certain materials I need (such as a probe, if I need that)

You need a Probe and the CK3 Lite or Probe if you don’t want to risk getting your box banned by powering the drive with it.

i heard that you can get banned powering through the console, and this kid got owned, by the other showing the screen shot.