What do you drive?

I drive a 2004 Nissan Maxima

99 Acura TL, Been waiting for her to give me major issues for years now but she just keeps on going.

That’s Nice, just missing the Barely legal window tint in my opinion.

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Nice Car Tom

That’s decent, my car I had to replace the starter but other than that it is great

Thank you just need to get wheels and turbo then it’s all done. and maybe rocketbunny if I have money

Yea that would look really sweet

I’ve had my 03 Durango for about 7 years now, has been my daily driver up until this month as I was given a 95 Cavalier as a beater. I will be eventually buying a new Ram 1500 but I enjoy no car payments too much.

1991 Honda/Acura Integra LS
Repainted her about 4 months ago. New clutch & timing belt. 252k Kms. Daily Driver. :yum:

Pic of Hailey (The Honda) getting her make up done!


1999 Chevy Suburban dark green.

'15 Focus ST

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I hope if you’re going to RocketBunny it you get the wing for it too because the wing you have on it now is ridiculous,

I DD a 00’ Honda Civic Si. I want to get rid of it for something with 4 doors, and a bit more power but staying fuel efficient. Maybe jumping back to automatic too because driving manual sometimes can be a bitch.

Subaru outback 2008 :wink:

Waiting till the spring to look for an 04 WRX or a 05 for all I care.

Only difference will be insurance. and maint.

Love those Subaru’s. We will be getting a new Outback soon enough. Great car.

Nice car Greg:wink:

Currently driving a '10 Camaro, hoping to get rid of it in the coming months in favor of a 2017 Raptor.